What are Resin Driveways?

There are two types of Resin Based Surfacing – Resin Bonded Paving and Resin Bound Paving.

Resin Bonded is a high friction, non-slip surface dressing system.  This is a good option for sound existing surfaces that look tired or unsightly.  The Resin is first applied to the substrate and the chosen coloured aggregate is broadcast on top, giving a durable, textured finish.

Resin Bound surfacing is a screed type system where the Resin and aggregate are premixed and then laid as a screed, typically at of depth of between 12-20mm and then levelled to a smooth finish.  This still offers non-slip properties.  With this method there is scope to incorporate designs, motifs and a combination of colours.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low maintenance - Weed and frost resistant
  • Durable - Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Instant Application - Install over existing surfaces with minimal disruption
  • Clean Application - Usually no excavation required so no mess and disturbance to drains or pipes
  • Selection - Available in a range of attractive finishes and colour options with endless design capability
  • Permeable - Eco friendly, letting water naturally drain through (no more puddles)

during application

Colours and Design Capabilities

Our vast colour range allows for creative, individual and stuffing designs. With a wide range of materials, sizes and textures, the possibilites are endless.

  • Colour matching
  • Aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with surrounding environment
  • Easily create curves, circles, patterns, letters and numbers
  • Zone colours and paving
  • Break up large areas with different colours and shapes
  • Design flexibility

"Thank you all so much for the beautiful drive. It has completely transformed the house and we are thrilled with it."
Alisa & Don James, Braunton.